11 March 2009

Nizo's point

I have intended to write another post - on another religion, however this is so much more important: behold The "Saw" of Islam by Nizo (a rather old one I got to read today). The clarity and the truth of this post are not to be argued with, as is the conclusion:

Unfortunately, Islam is indeed the Solution in the Arab world at the moment, as there's no other viable choice. No alternative ideology has the energy, the weight, or the unifying potential of Islam. The question is, which of the many, many versions of Islam will prevail. Will there be a regressive Caliphate or a new brew of Islamic democracies that draw from the positive and inclusive elements of the the Quran and the Hadeeth?
Again - not to argue with what seems to be inescapable, just to add my two cents: in any conflict between different factions of a specific religion my bet will be on the fundamentalist extremist wing. This is simply the way it goes - unfortunately for all of us, for the whole world.