14 March 2009

Photohunt: four

The theme for this week is "Four". So, of course, you are going to view four pictures with some relevance to that number.

To start with - the Blue Mosque, Istanbul, with four out of its six minarets. It was difficult to find a point from which my lens were able to get all six of them, so here...

This one here is a domestic feline (Felis catus). You can count the legs if you doubt that there are four of them.

And here is a completely different animal (Canis lupus familiaris) - altogether much less intellectual domesticated species as compared to the previous one, but surprisingly with the same number of legs. The chief reasons that I photographed it were that a) it's cute in an unhygienic way and b) it's of the breed that Georgia O'Keeffe favored.

And speaking of cuteness, here are the four cute and voracious chicks of a barn owl, one of my favorite birds. Actually, there were five in that year's brood, but it's rather a long story...

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