31 March 2009

A rabbi is spooked by another rabbi

Ghosts are supposed to infest and act from time to time in old castles, sights of great battles, cemeteries etc. The ghost story in this case develops in a London house with a history of a rabbinical presence.

...when the distraught rabbi turned to his congregation for help, "they confirmed that these strange events have occurred in the past, and estimated that the noises were caused by the ghost of a rabbi… who was the synagogue's first rabbi and passed away 40 years ago, and is now seeking tikkun for his spirit."
And how does the ghost manifest his presence?
Closed windows have been opened; he's been hearing knocking, and so forth.
Obviously this is a pretty introverted ghost, who doesn't even enjoy showing himself to the dwellers. Being a person of materialist persuasion, I prefer to think of an alternative to supernatural presence. Such as some house pest, for example a rat or an especially big and frisky cockroach. It being London, the house must be pretty old, and what with the ages that passed and old moldy manuscripts available for the roaches' consumption, some strange mutations could have developed.

While the biannual tikkun prayers for the dead offered by a rabbinical expert couldn't do any harm, I would suggest that, since the time for the Passover cleaning is nigh, a good fumigation could go a long way to the solution of the problem. Even the ghost must be spooked by the process.

Yes, I would say - go for it, rabbi!