28 March 2009

Photohunt: hands

The theme for this week is "Hands". Taken literally, it was too tough for me.

After all, my hand with its short, pudgy and gnarly fingers is definitely not one of the world's wonders. On the other hand, the SWMBO's hand, which is quite nice, could serve as an object of admiration, but it could be misconstrued as sucking up, so I had me a problem. I have decided to resolve it by bending the rules a bit, so here (click to embiggen):

Two days ago I have succeeded to make another step towards getting a good picture of the Palestinian sunbird. This time, instead of its customary few seconds stop, this guy (it's a male of the species) decided to stay on the branch for a while and to pose for me. Here is another one:

Look at this critter's claws - could you in clear consciousness call them feet? No. "Hands" will be a much more fitting term, wouldn't it?

And here is another member of the avian society:

In this picture this crow is strolling along the wire. With some effort you can call its lower extremities "feet", if you disregard the ability to hold to the wire, of course. But now look at this:

Try to scratch your head (you ear, as the case might be) with your foot and see where it gets you. So it is hands again, ain't it?

Case closed, and have a great PhotoHunt.

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