02 March 2009

Dayanizing Barak or carbonizing Labor?

Dayanizing Barak is a title of a post on Contentions by Shmuel Rosner. To those who may not understand the allusion in the title, it reflects on Moshe Dayan leaving his (Labor) party in 1977 to join Likud coalition as FM.

Regarding Labor: The head of the party, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, wants to join the government, but most other party leaders don’t. Regarding Kadima: Many party leaders want to join the government, but the head of the party, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, doesn’t.
I am not sure how many Kadima party leaders want to join Likud coalition today, according to the latest media reports there are not that many. Ehud Barak, however, is simply dying to join up. It will definitely mean a death blow to the remains of the Labor - if he succeeds to drag the party with him.

As is widely discussed in the media, Barak's reasoning goes along one simple line: a unique military genius like he cannot leave the country unprotected at this turbulent time. I am not qualified to judge his military prowess - who knows, he could be unique after all. What I do know is that as a Labor leader he is a total disaster.

So may be it will be better for all concerned if he lets himself to be Dayanized and leaves the Labor alone. What do you think?