26 October 2013

Why dozens of ethnic Somalis in Scandinavia are embracing jihad - indeed?

The CNN article that asks that question is pretty mealy-mouthed, as expected. The usual litany of several cases, when young Norwegians of Somali extraction decided, seemingly inexplicably, to turn to violent ways of Jihad and went to Somalia or other hot spots to fight for various jihadist outfits, doesn't carry with it any attempts to explain the phenomenon. It carries, though, some mandatory politically correct sentences like:

Most have been grateful for sanctuary but a very small minority have become radicalized, especially among those who came to Europe as children.
It is like the cold air of the Northern Europe carries with it some Islamist bug that preys on youngsters. Or some such inane Sci-Fi scenario. Not a word about the people who do the brainwashing, other people who finance it, who provide the necessary contacts and means to travel to the training/brainwashing camps. It is like some intricate set of taboos infests the media in all that concerns the spread of Islamism in Europe.

So all you get after reading such piece of mushy writing is a question: why does anyone bother to publish it at all?

The only benefit of publishing it so far for me was a comment by a (seemingly) Norwegian commenter who, at least, feels bad about the situation:
As a Norwegian, this article really aggravates me. Not only do we shoulder an economic burden by agreeing to accept asylum seekers, we also take on a great social burden as they assimilate to different degrees. There is of course responsibility to be held by the host country in helping Somalis and other asylum seekers integrate, but this responsibility is largely accepted by Norwegians. We do not expect perfect assimilation and have for a long time been promoting tolerance of cultural and social differences. Given that we are doing 'our best', taking on a burden we do not have to take on, and providing a better life than they could have in their war-torn states - I find it appalling that these same people we are helping are using the more fortunate circumstances we provide as a base to plot terrorist attacks against us. It is simply inhuman and inexcusable.

Who do they think they are? When their country fell apart, who accepted them? If their family had not been allowed in to Norway, would the Quran have provided them with food and shelter? When they fly to Yemen and 'broker weapons deals', who do they think put them in the position to purchase a plane ticket?
Good questions all. As for the last sentence of the article:
But Scandinavia's intelligence services remain concerned about a terror pipeline to, and from, east Africa.
I would suggest that Scandinavia's intelligence services take the finger out and start looking closer to their homes. A good part of the answer is at home, gentlemen. Cause the worm is in the apple and not skulking around it, as you may suspect all that time.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Maybe the cold climate of Scandinavia drives those from Sahara and Sub-Sahara Africa to jihad. Now if they went back to their homes in Africa they would be peaceful and loving.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Possibly, not sure though.