05 October 2013

iPhone or iSwim? iOS7 as an answer to waterproofing your iPhone

I hope you are not one of the unfortunate victims of this brilliant practical joke:
A hoax advert shared on social networking sites has tricked iPhone users into thinking the latest software upgrade had also made their phones waterproof.

The hoax claimed that iOS 7 included a "smart-switch" that automatically protected the iPhone's "delicate circuitry ... it will shut off the phone's power supply and corresponding components to prevent any damage".

Fooled by the fake advert, which included the statement "waterproofing covered by Apple's warranty policy", some users reportedly upgraded their iPhones with iOS 7 and dunked them in water to test the new feature – only to discover they had just destroyed their expensive smartphones.
Because if you are, you might have as well used the appliance pictured above for the first swimming test.

Sorry for being so jubilant on your account, dear iUsers. After all, if you have submerged your iPhone, as prescribed by that hoax, you have only displayed your faith in the high and mighty manufacturer of your phone. And some other qualities I prefer not to dwell upon...

Of course it was a hoax, because iOS is, like, totally unable to do the waterproofing. This is why we, Android users, are waiting for Android 4.5 that really does resolve the issue. You will eat your hearts out!

One other thing: that fairly innocent practical joke seems to have especially incensed the Kiwis. Techday, a New Zealand publication, published an extremely angry report, titled OK whoever said iOS 7 is waterproof GO **** YOURSELF. Apparently percentage of iPhone owners that followed the recommendation of that hoax ad was especially high there. Well, NZ is so far away from everywhere, it takes them some time to get the joke...

P.S. I especially liked the response of one Kiwi to that article:
With iOS7 you don't need to make your device waterproof, because it lets you walk on water - true fact.