13 October 2013

Galaxy Round curved design explained

To those of you who are not following the smartphone world news and are generally not too savvy about the topic: Samsung has just announced a new phone, called Galaxy Round. It is not exactly round but curved and, viewed from above, looks like that:

The looks may be confusing: indeed, you may want to ask, why the heck a curved screen will serve me better than a plain flat one? The answer is rather subtle, requiring to connect some pretty elusive dots. So, not to leave you all in suspense: many, if not most of you, are familiar with the euphemistically named hip flask, am I right?

The euphemism mentioned above has to deal with the real location of the flask on the user's body. Which is not a hip. Normally, any male will keep the flask in the back pocket of his trousers, for ease of access and speedy draw.

What is important in this "use case" is that the flask, kept in one's back pocket provides protection to one's buttock. Following this simple line of thought you can easily deduce that Galaxy Round, kept in the other back pocket of your trousers, will complete the protection of your backside and make it almost perfect.

Viva high-tech!