30 October 2013

Righteous indignation my foot. And the funniest question of the week.

Fox published an article by an Israeli journo Paul Alster, titled: Righteous indignation over US spying seen as naive in Israel. First of all, a totally fitting and true headline. It will do every one of the high placed hypocrites a lot of good to chill some and to confess publicly that, as the article says "it is almost a universal assumption that everyone tries to spy on everyone". And if some of the buggers are still not doing it, they should start. It never pays to be the only Goody Two-Shoes in the world infested by brigands, cads, bounders and politicians.

In this regard it was quite difficult for me to understand how the author of this, generally sane and correct piece, got to ask the following question:

If one accepts that the U.S. is spying to some degree on Israel, is it safe to assume that the reverse is also true?
Unless, of course, his sole purpose was to make me laugh.

Now I feel bad for only being able to smile, briefly at that. OK, here it comes:

Tee hee...