25 October 2013

Never step on your song's throat, Reverend Sizer

"Step on your song's throat" is a reference to the conundrum of a famous Russian poet, Vladimir Mayakovsky, who did his best to reign in his considerable poetic talent to produce strictly revolutionary pro-Bolshevik verses. He stepped on his song's throat, as he said once, an act that ended badly for him.

A similar conundrum, of a (much) lesser order of magnitude is experienced these days by an Anglican cleric, one Reverend Sizer. He already appeared on this pages due to his somewhat outstanding obsession with Jooz in general and Israel in particular, crossing the red line of anti-Israeli discourse. His rare ability to employ British constabulary as his private security force against some bloggers who disagree with this hobby has also been discussed here.

Imagine my happiness (bordering on issuing a few tears) when I read that the good Reverend made his peace with them Jooz, confessing to a few (purely technical, of course) errors of judgement when linking to some neo-Nazi and antisemitic sources. That infinite garbage dump called Internet causes even the best of us to make similar errors from time to time, I said to myself, being only too happy to close this painful page in Reverend's bio.

An Anglican vicar has said he regrets posting website links which promoted Holocaust denial and Zionist conspiracy theories.

Reverend Stephen Sizer said he accepted that his actions had offended the Jewish community and acknowledged he should have “taken more care” and “reflected on the choice of words more carefully”.
What else would one wish for? Nothing, of course. PBUH, as they say in our area.

And then... Reverend Sizer done gone and did it again.

A Holocaust-denier, friends with Sizer, links to a book justifying antisemitism – and Sizer likes the comment.
What can I say? Nothing much, aside of going back to the sad example of the Russian poet that started this post.

Dear Reverend: don't restrain yourself, don't hold anything inside. It (holding inside, I mean) is an unhealthy habit that causes all kinds of maladies in the long run, such as high blood pressure, sleeping disorders, digestion issues, heartburn, vapors and even blindness and growth of hair on the palms of your hands. It is a clear and present hazard you should avoid. Mayakovsky tried, and look where it got him. So let it go, tell them Jooz what you really think about their sneaky ways. It will do you a lot of good. In the long run, of course.