08 October 2012

The cost of being sympathetic to a creep

Nine people who put up bail sureties for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange have been ordered by a judge to pay thousands of pounds each.
To put up money for a person of Assange's trustworthiness was surely a mistake, and, although I cannot say I am enjoying Schadenfreude in this case, the people in question being nice and respectable, here is the list of the folks with amount each is going to part with:
Retired professor Tricia David £10,000, Lady Caroline Evans £15,000, Joseph Farrell £3,500, Sarah Harrison £3,500, journalist Phillip Knightley £15,000, friend Sarah Saunders £12,000, friend Vaughan Smith £12,000, scientist Sir John Sulston £15,000 and Baroness Tracy Worcester £7,500.
The El Creepo is still in London, and I gather that for a much lower sum (say £1000) he could be retrieved from his hiding hole and delivered to the judge. Just saying...


Shaun Downey said...

A lot of people were taken in by that self centred shitbag. Sad they lost their money but that is a risk of standing bail

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yeah, well, but they should have looked closer at that worm.