23 October 2012

The New Republic thinks the American people don't like the Iranian bomb any more than the US politicians

The New Republic was, back in the day, a distinctly liberal (and in the USA, that means pinko) journal. It may be a little less "left" these days, but it still knows how to draw attention.

This item suggests that not only do both Presidential candidates support a "firm line" (i.e., hit them where it hurts, in the centrifuges) on Iran's nuclear capabilities, but also that the US population does too, by a huge margin.

If correct, Netanyahu (or whoever after the upcoming Israeli election, to say nothing of after 6 November) needs to do nothing - except maybe provide a little logistical support, a few volunteer pilots to show willing, and to snarl at the neighbours while flexing his biceps.

Good news all round, I'd say. Especially if you live between the Green Line (or a bit beyond it) and the sea.

By Brian Goldfarb.