23 October 2012

Gloom for Israel from The Commentator (but we've been here before: 1956, 1967...)

The noose tightens around Israel, guesses The Commentator
Having given you something to sigh over, while knowing that this doesn't really offer any sort of (at least short term) existential threat to Israel, how about this:

Just when thought it might be safe to breathe in again, along comes this gloomy prognostication. The author, Nick Gray, of Christian Middle East Watch offers a quick and dirty survey of the prospects for Israel, and he isn't feeling optimistic.

However, I wonder if President Morsi of Egypt didn't send along another (very private) message with his Ambassador and his friendly letter: please don't give us an excuse or reason to lose yet more troops and equipment like the last three times we tangled. I believe my generals when they tell me that we'll lose, again, big time.

Just a thought.

By Brian Goldfarb.