15 October 2012

Music to my ears!

“The Palestinians have never been among the top-10 priorities of any Arab government. Arab leaders don’t give a damn about the Palestinians. They have simply used the Palestinian issue to divert attention from their own failures – to cover up their ineptitude, inadequacies and corruption. Their oppressive security measures were never meant to combat ‘Zionist aggression’ but to suppress the anger of their own people. It’s been an exercise in cynicism, pure and simple. And even Western governments swallowed it.”

Further, "The region is splitting apart and ready to explode out of its largely artificial boundaries along two major fault lines, ethnic and religious."

I won't spoil your fun any further, just read the article from The Commentator.

Does this mean that Israel could be the last man standing? How's that for (potential) irony?

Now you know the reason for the heading to this piece.

By Brian Goldfarb.


Stan said...

Might be a good time to build a canal from Ashdod to Eilat.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

There is a plan, I believe it is being put into execution stages now, to build a railway to Eilat. Yes, it will go through Ashdod and provided a competition to Suez Canal.