17 October 2012

I'll believe it when it happens

It says, in the report via The Tablet that "European Union governments agreed further sanctions against Iran's banking, shipping and industrial sectors on Monday, cranking up financial pressure on Tehran in the hope of drawing it into serious negotiations on its nuclear program."

Umm, I'll believe that when it happens. Effective sanctions, that is, when they can't even proscribe Hezbollah.

Among the gems in the story is this one from (Lady) Catherine Ashton, the EU's Foreign Affairs spokesperson: 'Ashton last met Iran's chief negotiator Saeed Jalili in Istanbul in September for a session that her spokesman described as "useful and constructive".' That's what this lot are always saying, even when they know they've been taken for a ride by the Iranians. I suppose they have to keep pretending, otherwise they really would have to just go home.

By Brian Goldfarb.