15 October 2012

Great Prophet World Prize - the Islamic answer to Nobel

No kidding:

Iran announced on Saturday that it plans to award Nobel-like science and technology prizes to selected Muslim scientists.
And the purpose of that step is:
The Iranian biennial award is called the "Great Prophet World Prize", according to the Iranian vice-president, who said the move is meant to promote rivalry among Muslim world researchers and scientists.
Rivalry... hm..., I would have said that scientists don't need any special promotion of rivalry among them, but whatever. The people of FARTS FARS know better, I guess.

After a few years of rivalry training the IslamoNobel winners will eat their soft-shelled Western colleagues for breakfast. So watch out. 


Dick Stanley said...

Presumably scientists aren't classified by religion because I don't recall ever hearing of a, per se, Muslim one.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

That must be the reason.

Philo said...

L'Iran créé son Prix Nobel destiné aux scientifiques musulmans

Tanveer Hayat said...

World needs Iran to make all big steps that others dare to do....I wanna congratulate and salute Iran for being such wise in making that step to introduce a new award for those of real talent and excellence and to break down the tyranny of the noble prize committee.
Noble prize committee has lost its credibility after awarding EU with noble peace prize...now it's nothing but a group of opportunistic people who are using its reputation to protect their evil interest and to bring out debate over already disputed issues.