15 October 2012

It's not all gloom and doom out there

A quick post to tell you that there are good people out there, so we're not alone!

Isn't it great when people state the necessary (not to say the downright bleedin' obvious - old British saying) truth in a forceful manner? Thus, The Commentator's Douglas Murray has this to say about Hezbollah (aka "the party of God"): "It is not surprising that bad people exist. What is surprising is when we allow them to use us."

As is noted further down this site, the EU refuses to ban Hezbollah, citing some spurious nonsense about a separation between military and political wings, not recognised by Hezbollah itself. I won't bore with you repetition of what you already know, just leave you with the link. Just a reminder that The Commentator is one of the good guys on the Middle East.

By Brian Goldfarb.