06 March 2012

Ron Paul Dossier

Ron Paul & Don Black, 2007

1. During the Presidential campaign of 2008, Ron Paul was funded by the leader of Stormfront Mr Don Black. Don is also the former leader of KKK. Stormfront officially approved Ron Paul, stating:
Whatever organization you belong to, remember first and foremost that you're a white nationalist, then put aside your differences with one another and work together. Work together to strive to get someone in the Oval Office who agrees with much of what we want for our future. Look at the man, look at the issues, look at our future. Vote for Ron Paul, 2008.

Ron Paul accepted funding from Stormfront. This is not surprising - his publication contains identical views. Although Dr Paul claims that he is not a racist, he accepts neo-nazi donations and refuses to condemn them.

2. As any self-respecting anti-semite, Ron Paul loves to compare Jews and Nazis. According to him Gaza is a concentration camp. Poor Hamas makes only harmless "homemade bombs". How sweet! By the way, this interview was given to islamonazi propaganda outlet "Press TV". Youtube contains multiple other interviews with Ron Paul, where the congressman again compares Gaza to a "concentration camp", claims that Israel "starves Palestinians" (which is a barefaced lie) and promotes Hamas as being "democratic".

3. Here Ron Paul blames Israel for Islamic hatred of the US.

4. Ron Paul likes to repeat that Americans deserved Muslim terrorism.

5. An excellent summary of Ron Paul's anti-semitism and racism is provided by the Republican Security Committee.

6. Jeffrey Lord, a well-known Republican, explains why he believes Ron Paul to be anti-semitic... Paul recommended books by well-known anti-semites from time past.

7. Another good dossier on Paul's racism can be found here.

8. Ron Paul accepts money from RT TV - Russian spy and propaganda operation overseas. Unsurprisingly, RT TV is campaigning for Ron Paul along with Nazis and Islamofascists.


Dick Stanley said...

 I get it, I get it. You hate Ron Paul.  He criticizes Israel. Ipso facto, he must be a racist anti-Semite. Whew. Thanks for clearing that up.

BHCh said...

Dick, have you listened to his interview linked via youtube and given to Iranian TV?  Have you checked out his links with the Russian spy and propaganda agency?  I thought you didn't like communists...

BHCh said...

Also... Do you agree that US deserves Islamic terrorism?

David All said...

Thanks, BHCh. It is pretty clear that whatever his own views, Paul is perfectly happy getting support from all sorts of racists and fascists. That is the important point.

BHCh said...

Thanks David All.  You are right.  It is also clear that he encouraged them by spewing racist and antisemitic nonsense.  

Our friend Dick said as much in his own blog in 2007.   Wonder what it makes him - Israeli Firster or a commie? 

jeff said...

hey folks, there are many people, even radicals, that think that our country would be better if we adhered to the constitution that we already have in place. this ron paul would do. would it be good for radicals ?? when it comes to their free speech, yes. so what ??
don black is an intelligent person whether you agree with his views or not. so he is aware that a free republic would be better for him than what we have now.
as for dr pauls supposed racism, that is idiotic. does a newspaper owner agree with every article in his paper ?? no. 
plus, the argument about the racism isnt really about the factual points in the old newsletters, it is about their tone. and anyone and everyone that knows dr paul knows that he never speaks in that method; ALTHOUGH I DO SOMETIMES.
as for anti-semitism, arabs are semites too !! lol. hamas WAS democratically elected by the way.
dr paul wants us to leave israel alone and he wants israel to pay their own way instead of OUR grandchildren having to pay for the israelis of today through interest to the international bankers of the federal reserve, which i might add is chaired by ben shalom bernanke, a zionist jew himself. 
zionism is an israeli political party, why should we fund it ?? israel is a foreign nation, why should we send them billions of dollars that we have to borrow from the chinese and the international bankers, money that will be paid for LATER by our kids and grandkids ??
this is insanity and paul is the only one that wants to put an end to it; however, if you want to be "emotional" about it and not deal with facts, just tow the obama/gw/newt/santorum/romney line and lets keep warring and debt spending our childrens nation into oblivion. or instead we could follow george washingtons advice and to ALWAYS avoid entangling alliances with all nations(which ron paul wants to follow).

BHCh said...

Yet another awesome example of a Ron Paul supporter. Yet again his level of intelligence could be compared to a garden tool.   Unfavourably.  

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Don't we have a rule against insulting garden tools?

Hm... have to look it up then.