23 March 2012

Can We Talk About This?

I would urge any readers of this blog who live in London to try and get to "Can We Talk About This?", an entertainment devised and directed by Lloyd Newson. It's performed by the DV8 Company, who combine words and dance to put across a ply. This one is about combatting and confronting Islamism and Jihadism in the west, and Britain in particular.

The deviser asks, in his foreword to the programme, "How does the West support progressive Muslim voices that want a modern and moderate version of Islam which offers equality to women, homosexuals and tolerance towards others' faiths?"

One excellent line in the "play" is along the lines of "Islam has 10 Nobel Prizes, with One and a Half Billion people. Judaism, with 12 million, has 108. We're not under-armed, we're under-educated."

The Theatre (The National" was full of young people, and they were very appreciative of the event. For more info on the company DV8, go to www.dv8.co.uk. Hurry, it's only on until the end of this month.

By Brian Goldfarb.