15 March 2012

Norks again: a curious case of a dog that is biting you no matter what

I doubt that anyone expected the new North Korean tyrant to be more human or friendly than the expired one. So, just to keep the warm and fuzzy feeling of an old familiar shoe that keeps your old corn pinched, here is another NK story:

Fresh from deal with U.S.,North Korea vows "sacred war" on South

The scenario is not new: after blackmailing the good ole US into another food assistance package deal, which is supposed to bring some respite from burgeoning NK nuclear program, North Korea threatened "sacred war" against the South in a huge rally in the capital Sunday...

  • Dogs bite, we know that. After all, isn't it why we keep the dogs around?
  • Some of the dogs, though, bite the same hand that feeds them. People tend to get rid of dogs like these, in a variety of ways.
  • Only a few dogs bite the above mentioned hand while being fed. I don't have to tell you what should be done with those, should I?
This dog is not just biting by itself, it does its considerable best to spread its particular brand of rabidness, infecting other dogs. In the long run the "containment", "engagement" and other euphemisms for submitting to blackmail are going to extract a very high cost.

Anyone knows a vet that will put this one out of its misery?


Shaun Downey (Jams O Donnell) said...

Shakespeare springs to mind:  "A tale told by an idiot: fullof sound and fury and signifying nothing"

SnoopyTheGoon said...