14 March 2012

Peter Beinart and the benefits of Twitter

Norm brings up a question asked by Peter Beinart on Twitter:

? for war supporters: why is Iran/Hitler analogy better than analogy w/ Stalin getting nuke in 1949 or Mao getting it in 1964?
Norm's own response to that:
One could turn that around. Why isn't it a better analogy?
I am not sure whether Mr Beinart is genuinely baffled by the question he twits tweets around or, possibly, there is some deeper meaning to it. In any case, I would like to turn it around another time.

Why indeed, dear Peter? And how, precisely, it matters?


Dick Stanley said...

Stalin and Mao, IIRC, were preoccupied with carving up the home folks. Iran, like Hitler, is rather more focused on the outside world.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

True, but still it doesn't bring us closer to the Beinart's mind...