03 March 2012

Technicalities: link list

To the (undoubtedly happy) bloggers used to being listed in the Simply Jews link list: due to a problem with Google's Blogger "My Link List" widget and in view of total apathy and lack of response from Google's support center I had to recover the link list manually, with possible loss of some previously existing links.

Since all of you are dear to us here at Simply Jews equally*, please, instead of going into a snit and/or considering to curb your blogging career immediately, notify me in the comments or via simplyjews at gmail dot com about the missing link. I shall do my best to restore the link asap.

(*) Although sometimes we disagree with what you say so strongly it takes all of our considerable willpower to refrain from ripping out... oh well.


Dick Stanley said...

You might consider getting rid of Little Green Footballs. I know Charles Johnson used to be a conservative, if not a Libertarian, and I believe he still does support Israel. But he also makes a practice of trashing those who criticize Muslims. Calling them racists, etc. Just my two cents.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

 Well, there are quite a few blogs in the list, including some I heartily disagree with. No matter...