03 March 2012

The Snowe has melted away, but who will take her place?

Andrew Ian Dodge, who has left the Republican Party, disgusted by its Maine leaders' behavior, tells some of it.


Dick Stanley said...

The trouble with Dodge being an independent is that, in most cases, it is a route to political failure. The two major parties have dominated American politics forever and if you dislike one you can join the other or if the other doesn't suit you can work to reform the one you dislike. 

That's what the Tea Party is after, reforming the Elephants, not joining the Donkeys or becoming irrelevant by running as independents. All independents have ever done is throw the election to the party they least resemble, i.e. Ross Perot who was more conservative than anything else, cut into the Elephant vote, throwing the election to the Donkeys.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

 There is a lot of sense in what you are saying. Let's hope the situation in Maine will favor A.I.D. (Andrew Ian Dodge) for a change. Oops, I used that word now, it must be contagious ;-)