28 March 2012

When Gilad Atzmon went to California

I found this on Bob from Brockley's site, where it's called The great Gilad Atzmon paper chase. Actually, if you go to Bob's entry for 15 March, you'll find not only this item, but also others on Atzmon, not least an item from Alan Dershowitz, written in his usual acerbic style.

More to the point, the Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers article is an amusing account of how, outside the UK and the reach and protection of the various Palestine Solidarity Committees to be found here, along with the weird Socialist Workers Party, Atzmon is a busted flush. The Bay Bloggers note that perhaps as many as 25 people turned up to his gig.

I'm surprised that there were that many still interested in what this deeply unpleasant man has to say. Of course, they could have mistaken him for an important and interesting jazz saxophonist.
By Brian Goldfarb.