26 September 2010

UN lashes Israel over flotilla hit - and why I love Aussies

ISRAEL has attacked a UN committee that found it engaged in "wilful killing and torture" when its soldiers boarded a flotilla bound for Gaza in May.
This is the way the article in The Australian starts - by copying a rather standard formula to be found in all media these days. Anyone can come to his/her own conclusion by simply watching this:

But Australian went one step farther, adding another story and another picture:

The capture says:
Palestinians attack the car of a Jewish settlement security guard, who later shot one of the assailants. Picture: Getty Images Source: The Australian

Now, my dear and objective (of course) reader: imagine yourself being the driver of this car. Assume that you don't have a gun. What do you do? Well, you die. Now suppose that you do have a gun? What do you do? Order a book on Geneva convention or shoot?

The good folks of The Australian certainly didn't miss the point of the picture. They also didn't miss the parallel between the story this picture tells and the story of Mavi Marmara as told in the clip above.

Did you?

In related news: BBC, after posting a relatively objective documentary on the story of Mavi Marmara, apparently have decided that they have fulfilled their quota of objectivity for 2010. Details by Robin Shepherd.

And more by Chas Newkey-Burden. What he says - ditto.

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