08 September 2010

Gareth Williams murder, Mediterranean couple - or other reasons

Detectives investigating the murder of Gareth Williams, the British MI6 spy, are seeking a young Mediterranean couple seen at his block of flats in London.
I think that no sensible man (or woman) needs more pointers. And if you consider that the victim was "found naked, zipped and padlocked into a bag in his bath" and that "Police are working on the assumption that Mr Williams was either smothered or poisoned"... Surely we all understand that he was also repeatedly stubbed, electrocuted and tickled to full asphyxiation on top of it, which details the Plod saved for later, of course.

I hope I don't need to draw the picture for you? Uzi Mahnaimi of the Sunday Times will be only too happy to tell the rest. Starting with that dilapidated house on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, where two middle-aged officers of Mossad (in civilian garb) are drinking the government issue coffee and looking at the map of London...

But you know, the explanation of this murder could be much more mundane. In the same article linked above:
He is seen in a red T-shirt, beige trousers and white trainers...
Many a bloke has been offed for less.

You decide.