01 September 2010

Tom Magill - a living testimony for Dodge Charger

A suicidal man jumped to a seemingly certain death from a 40-story* Upper West Side rooftop yesterday -- but miraculously survived when he landed on a sports car, police said. Tom Magill, 22, suffered just a broken leg, a shattered ankle and a collapsed lung after his 10:44 a.m. leap from atop the West End Towers on West End Avenue at 63rd Street.

"I can't believe this. My car saved his life," said Guy McCormack, 40, a worker at a nearby construction site who had borrowed the 2008 red Dodge Charger from his wife.

This is one car crash that ended well, I would say. Besides being a best PR job for American car industry. Here is the Charger after the encounter:

I don't think anyone wants to see the other guy...

(*) Knowing this peculiar American habit with # 13, I guess it's 39th story only.