04 September 2010

The Big Brother will take care of you, no worries...

The story is absurd by any standard. Worth watching - to know how to avoid undue attention of the gendarmes.

Have you noticed how the "suspect" is writhing around on the floor, helpless and in pain while the uniformed thugs continue Tasering him, shouting "Stop resisting!"?

Deity save us from overzealous nincompoops with Tasers.


Dick Stanley said...

This "sanctity" of one's "own home" is inoperable when a copper is there and wants something from you. It's humility time, or take the consequences.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yes, that becomes clear. Still, tasering a helpless and obviously not resisting man for what - half a minute?, just to satisfy one's feeling of superiority or sadism or whatever - should be punished to the utmost the law allows.