09 September 2010

Dr. Asad Raza vs MAD

One of the Western enlightenment's aspects that never fails to astonish me is how quickly immigrants from the less democratic (it's an understatement for you) places catch up with the awesome power of the Western legal system.

A right wing blogger Marginalized Action Dinosaur (MAD for short) took umbrage with an 8 points document that one Dr. Asad Raza published on his site notcanada.com. Don't try to find the links, since good Dr. Raza has found a willing legal beagle who promptly threatened the MAD's blog provider Bluehost. Interesting that, while Dr. Raza's text was available to all on the Internet, Bluehost and, as a result, MAD were accused of "copying personal and private information from the doctor's website". The second step taken by the doctor was to ensure that the "personal and private" information is eliminated, by erasing that notcanada site and with it all traces of that site on other places, including the famous Wayback Machine.

All this may sound absurd, but for now, MAD's blog is shut down by Bluehost who promptly chickened out, obviously unwilling to stand by their user and by some obscure freedom of speech issue.

You may want to know what is that 8-points document about. And how the story ends. About the former, look here and here. And here too.

As for the latter: help MAD by linking to his (temporarily, I hope) muzzled site, even if you don't agree with his politics. And spread this story, please.


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