11 September 2010

Cockroaches: The Antibiotics of the Future?

That's real good news, I have to say.

Cockroaches, the creepy critters reviled for invading kitchens the country over, might be modern medicine's best option for fending off dangerous, drug-resistant bacterial infections.
We have barely got our breath back after the discovery of frogs' healing powers, and now the roaches join the queue of our saviors. Good.

The only thing that bothers me a bit is the implementation of this discovery. Seeing as how the maggots are used alive in some medical establishments (it's really a green and environment-friendly way, besides you can reuse the maggots), I wonder whether our health insurance companies in cahoots with the doctors will resort to a similar way with the new little helpers:
What is your weight, sir? 125 kg? Let me see... here it goes: five roaches three times a day and mind you - only on empty stomach. Yes, and lick a frog four time a day. Please return the frog to the pharmacy after you get better. Or ask your surviving relative to...


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