25 September 2010

A question to US Customs

I've recently been wondering how do some characters cross the border with United States. In light of the following questions in the customs form:

Are you bringing with you:
a. fruits, plants, food, or insects?
b. meats, animals, or animal/wildlife products?
c. disease agents, cell cultures, or snails?
d. soil or have you visited a farm/ranch/pasture outside the United States?
There is no way whatsoever that a creature like this

will be allowed. So how come he gets to speak (regularly) at UN when he is so obviosly:
  • Infested by insects
  • A prime example of wildlife
  • A cross between a disease agent and a cell culture
  • Containing lots of soil embedded in his unwashed exterior


Dick Stanley said...

That's why they really have to move the damn UN to Nairobi or someplace other than NYC. But first we have to get rid of the elite American pols who keep supporting the dictator's club.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

If you include the oil sheiks and sultans, you will have to get rid of all US pols...

David All said...

Alas, unfortunately as a head of state, Mahmoud the Mad is excempt from such questions. As for moving the UN to another country, the problem is what other country would have the UN? If anybody knows of one, please let us know..  

SnoopyTheGoon said...

It's time to waive that exemption then, I think. How can US allow this menace to enter?