05 September 2010

Delusions of "peace:" Breaking the conspiracy of silence

This is an article that you will probably find as hard to read as I had.

One certain indication that the peace talks must fail is the flood of mail that I have gotten of late from Palestinian peace and dialog groups, and from every Palestinian or other Arab who ever spoke out for peace or sanity. They beg me to remove this or that article or section from a Web site where they are quoted as advocating peace with Israel or coexistence. They say - not for publication - that they are subject to a reign of terror: Emails; Hints; Phone calls in the night; Officials of the '"clean-as-a-whistle" "moderate" "not-like-Arafat" Palestinian National Authority telling them they had better toe the line - or it will be bad for their organization or their personal health.
When a man like Ami Isseroff, who has done more for mutual understanding and peace than many a government institution, writes this, you should take it seriously. It is beyond sad.

Also, by Ami: Founding the Palestinian state of deniability. Another great eye opener.

And as a refreshment after this rather depressing read, here comes a newest and latest Haveil Havalim by Benji.

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jams o donnell said...

How utterly depressing

SnoopyTheGoon said...

No other way to describe it, true.