29 June 2009

Who killed Michael Jackson? The Troof is out!

Bloggers are, by and by, a truculent and hardy lot, rarely accepting other people's points of view when said POVs don't match their own. However, no matter how dense and intractable I am, I know a moment of Troof when I see one, and I see one right now.

A commenter calls self NoJuice explained the matter in his edearingly direct and unarguable way:

Jews killed MJ because he converted to Islam and called them "leeches".
I hope you are persuaded by this statement of pure unadulterated Troof. I am.

Now, I think you share with me my gratefulness to NoJuice for his frank and open discourse and his fight for Troof-and-damn-the-Zionist-torpedoes. To express my admiration and (partially) repay NJ's contribution, I've decided to find him. It was easy. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mr NoJuice:

Dear NoJuice: as I've mentioned above, this is only a partial repayment. The balance will be coming to you shortly. Beware of limping mice - this is the only hint I can provide at this point of your remaining life.

See ya soon.