06 June 2009

Body Worlds, poor Tolik and two Marinas

The story below is making its rounds on the Russian speaking sector of the web. Translated mainly with the assistance of Google.

From the newspaper "The Echo of Haifa from 4.05.09: Visitors to the exhibition "Body Worlds", held in Haifa Museum of Science, have witnessed a heartbreaking scene: a middle-aged woman stopped in front of one of the exhibits and broke into unrestrained sobbing that passed into a hysteria. Museum staff and visitors heard her whispering through her sobs: "Tolik, darling, what have they done with you !!!". Exhibit that caused such a violent reaction was a skinless cadaver holding in its stretched hands his own liver ravaged by alcoholic cirrhosis.

According to the woman who was barely able to calm down, she identified in the exhibit her former lover with whom she cohabited in Aktyubinsk [a Russian city] some 3 years ago. On the exhibit's genitalia remained a faded tattoo "Marina", thanks to which poor Marina identified her beloved Tolik. Marina moved to Israel and has lost connection with Anatoly, but heard that he was serving a sentence for vagrancy in one of the penal colonies. It remains unclear how Tolik appeared in doctor Von Hagens' exhibition, and Haifa police launched an investigation.

Haifa museum guides and the public were shocked by the tragedy, and an initiative group was established to assist the poor woman. One of the ideas is to purchase the exhibit from doctor Hagens and to transfer the ownership to inconsolable Marina. We became aware of the establishment of a charity "Poor Tolik", which has already begun to receive first donations. MK Marina Solodkin (also a Marina!) has presented the case to the Knesset committee on family and marriage. "

Well, what do you all say? The mention of the police and the MK spoiled the gag, in my opinion, but its' not a bad one. As gags go, I mean...

Or, maybe... nah, it couldn't be true, could it?