10 June 2009

Kendra Wilkinson Announces She's Pregnant. Now What?

No, really, folks - there are some limits to what the press could do with us. Seriously, when you see such a headline, the minimal consideration you would expect from the author (one Stephen M. Silverman in this case) would be to give some free guidance to the ignorant members of the public. Like what I am supposed to do now: tear the remains of my hair out? Or run away to the street naked, shouting from joy? Or just keep a few minutes of respectful silence? Please be a doll, Stephen, tell me what to do.

And while you are at it, Steve, two more questions to clear up:

  1. Who is this Kendra Wilkinson gal?
  2. And this bloke - Hank Baskett - what the heck is wide receiver, and how it differs from a narrow one? I have a few receivers at home, never classified them
Awaiting your answers breathlessly.