19 June 2009

Iran's supreme leader rejects vote fraud claims

Iran's supreme leader on Friday rejected opposition claims that last week's presidential elections were rigged, describing President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's win as "definitive" and calling for calm after days of protest.
Yeah, well, and what have you expected? Still, let's not forget what these elections where really about. What she says.

Then, we shouldn't forget the far side. It just wouldn't do. So, from Pink-Red Nadine, another impressive one. When she is in a mood, she really lets it rip:
From an anti-imperialist point of view, the overwhelming victory of Ahmadinejad in the elections is positive, because the incumbent and president-elect stands for confrontation with the U.S.-led new order for the “Near East”.
More where it comes from, enjoy.

Hat tip: Zionation.