28 June 2009

Haveil Havalim 223 – Hot and Humid Edition

This time I've volunteered - I confess. One needs a dose of community service from time to time, even if there are no misdemeanors, police and court decisions involved, I guess. So that's it - in the midst of local summer, when good folks in the coastal area of this country sweat profusely if outside and sneeze and cough when under air conditioning and/or swine flu inside, I am sweating over HH 223 HH edition. No ifs and buts about it.

Here we are, friends, sweating bullets, cannonballs, rockets and other ammo while trying to sort out this edition. Now to the explanation/disclaimer from the founding fathers:

Founded by Soccer Dad, Haveil Havalim is a carnival of Jewish blogs -- a weekly collection of Jewish & Israeli blog highlights, tidbits and points of interest collected from blogs all around the world. It's hosted by different bloggers each week and coordinated by Jack. The term 'Haveil Havalim,' which means "Vanity of Vanities," is from Qoheleth, (Ecclesiastes) which was written by King Solomon. King Solomon built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and later on got all bogged down in materialism and other 'excesses' and realized that it was nothing but 'hevel,' or in English, 'vanity.'
Yeah, all that jazz, you know, maximum two posts per your weekly submission and stuff. So let's go! Minding the weather, I shall start with something that is definitely cool:

Created by Dzeni of Not Quite Perfect, this image, cool by itself, carries a cool quote by one of the coolest people ever gracing this not-so-cool planet. I hope you all feel a bit cooler by now, and we can go to the main menu.

Oy, Israel!

That's for your information and general education: There are now no less than three main plans for wiping Israel off the map. Nu, well - we shall see to it, eventually.

Palestinian rejectionism? No way, impossible to believe. Really.

Cherries! Like little hearts bursting wth love for this Land...

Settlement freeze. No matter what is your position on it, there are ways to fight it intelligently and calmly, without undue histrionics. Speaking about histrionics, some attempts at Hasbarah should better be aborted.

Two states of confusion. That's rich - normally one confusion state will suffice... and some think it should be One Land for One People - go figure.

Will the State Department Convince us of His good will? Nu, shoin, another good one for you to ponder.

Nadia Matar of Women In Green is on trial for calling Yonatan Bassi, the coordinator of the Azza Expulsion, a name. Well, not just a name, but a trial?

And what about us? What is it we do/should do after Bibi's speech? On the other hand, you ask, what will Bibi hold out for? A good question. Although - some people think that Bibi may have just gotten the political pass. And Is Israel Caving On The Settlements?
Yesterday [June 22 actually] marked three years (according to the Jewish calendar, this Thursday will be the Gregorian date) since Gilad Schalit was abducted at Kerem Shalom. Three years of talks, of attempts at negotiating his release - but he is still absent. Schalit, however, is not the only Israeli soldier to be left behind.
And yes, it was an Unhappy Father's Day for Noam Shalit. Now - not only in Iran: Twitter Poems for a Brave Israeli Soldier.

Could our errors be comical? You bet.

Having a son in the army. How familiar and always nerve-wracking.

Somewhere in Israel, or in America, there is a Gush Katif kipah - if you find one, let this (exhausted, needless to say) mom know immediately, please. And some people consider that over the years, the orange became dull, dark and dirty, and this week it finally broke and fell off. On a related subject: Sullivan Sullies.

New Tel Aviv Bar The Rogatka Takes Veganism To The Extreme. Is it your kind of shtick? Not mine, for sure. Better be off eating schnitzel with IDF folks. But it's up to you. On the other hand, we still have a few people of the book, what has remained there after the advent of iPhone.

It appears that I (and you too, I guess) missed an important date: 175 years to the Great Plunder of Safed.

Apparently we still live in a land flowing with milk and honey.

Believe it or not, you can have fun with Roadblocks on the West Bank. You bet.

And then, some people are Getting their panties tied up in a bunch! Totally uncool, them.

If he had been Binyamin Netanyahu… I guess he would have been called Bibi then.

Some good news for a change: UK says no to arms embargo on Israel. Well, with caveats...

And more good news: new Israeli educational stamps posted online.

Even more: Omri Casspi Makes History!

Day after day after day. The man is a true titan of Israeli blogging. Hats off, you(we) midgets!

Sheikh Raed Salah, the leader of the Islamic Movement’s northern branch: what can I say about him? Rarely a more deserving person graced the walls of Israeli prisons. Studies in Demopathy: Inside the Haifa U. Muslim Aparthied Speech.

Cutting that cursed cord - now, that's a capital idea!

The snake that roars - in the press, at least.

Are you a bookkeeper? Then take care, someone is after you.

Judaism and Jewish Culture

Wherefore art thou Simon and Schuster? Getting there, be my suspicion.

What character traits you have to nurture and make perfect? Read and learn.

What made the olden days of shidduch making so different from now? And more.

It appears that some prayers don't make it up to Heaven. I promise to be careful now.

A few thoughts on the Koren Sacks Siddur. Er... and Borrowing from someone else's nusach... nu, well!

Some recommended reading to prepare for Tesha B'Av.

Cyber Or-20 Cyber Kehillah-3 Social networking. Hmm... the mere headline makes me swoon.

Verbally Paining a Rasha. Don't know what Rasha means? Read it.

Religion and state in Israel? Any problems? You don't say...

Anyway, Welcome to Ask A Heeb.

How can the observant Jewish leadership justify an active effort to expand Jewish life outside of Israel? Is life in the diaspora a goal of the OU? Good questions.

What is in a name? Not much, one could say. But is it so?

Reproductive System Malfunction Parade? Nu, OK, at least someone mentioned that parade.

Spitting in the synagogue - Hygiene, Tolerance and a Public Space. Yep.

Sweet Rose, by any other name, on the other hand... she will be back, I am sure. And What’s in a name for an interfaith family?

You can't say that being a frum Jew is ridiculous until you've actually, properly been a frum Jew. Now go argue with this one...

Picture of the Week: 3 Tammuz Edition.

We are all family: now it takes a cheek swab DNA test, and you are a confirmed Jew. Or not...

How To Shop for a Yeshivah for Your Child? I am glad someone else addresses this question.

Pre-Marital Mikvah Parties and Thieving Sofrim in the Jewish Week. Oy vey, this is where it gets way too complicated for yours truly. Thieving ministers, thieving bankers, thieving pols - but thieving Sofrim?


Batya, she of many blogs and of incomparable energy, turned a page in her personal calendar (עד מאה ועשרים) and she thinks that the second half is shorter. Just wait for the third, says I, it really flies. Her only complaint is that It's Hard To Be One's Own Photographer. Congratulations and all the best to Batya!

More about dates: A tale of two hats, 75 years apart.

Now what do you know about Mesorah Project?

Brit Tzedeck v'Shalom Vs. Brit Shalom. Grr...

What is Ju Zionism? Uhu... I knew it all the time.

On a completely different note: what do you think about iPride and The Hypocrisy of Richard Silverstein? Methinks Rich is a putz, but what do I know? And since hypocrisy was mentioned: it appears that J Street Dislikes Israelis’ Opinions. Grr...

How do you like "racism as Jewish patology"? Wow.

Prof. Haim Bresheeth - still dreck. It's quite a scientific observation.

Hamas brutality against Fatah on Palestinian TV – PA public screening. Between us only - Fatah do the same - off screen, of course.

And I guess you will be tickled pink to know that some American Jews are unwittingly supporting enemies of Israel.

What President Obama should have said in Cairo. But didn't.

Seems Hillary's Tongue Is Cleaving. I always suspected that tendency of hers.

Another date almost forgotten in the West: Behind The Iron Curtain: June 22, 1941.

Are Zionists dirty? You would think it depends on the date of the last shower...

Baby Assad: Instead Of Peace Talks With Israel, How About I Get A Direct Line To Obama Instead? Nu, beseder...

Is Using Carter A Two-Edged Sword? Or a four-way enema? Anyhow, what is Jimmy Carter smoking or has he become senile? I vote for the latter explanation. More on the hypocrite. That too.

The UN Human Wrongs Council. As usual. This time it took them 6 hours to righteously bash Israel and only one minute to remove the DR Congo from further "consideration". Bleh...

So, can we say that we are learning some lessons from goings-on in Iran? Dunno - you tell me. Meanwhile they kill women. The right to bare arms in Iran. Should Ayatollahs come to Meryl for some English lessons? And more on Iran. And on the audacity of being present. After all is said and said again: what do Palestinians make of the Iranian events? And that Russian trip Mahmoud the Mad made - it was symbolic indeed. After all - sweet tweet! Who, indeed, can comprehend this? And now - on the outcome for Iranian Jewry. Experts say it may be far less idyllic.

So, when people ask how to get the best of Twitter, the answer is above, it looks like: go visit Tehran.

A related issue: Iran massacres prove UN is impotent. As if we needed more proof.

Another related (but really minor) subject: Roger Cohen. From apologist to sworn enemy, in less than three months. How does one explain this? Should one even try (to explain this)?

ACLU and Hamas? Go figure.

If the mountain won't come to Mohammad, Mohammad must go to the mountain. Or, in other words, the United States to return ambassador to Damascus.

Tony Judt is kinda boring in his blind prejudices and ant-like persistence. Responding, Yet Again, to Tony Judt - well, someone has to do it, I presume.

When Missouri Nazis Keep Heschel Highway Clean, it's really a hoot.

It's a marathon for sure, but she will run it as a sprint. And get to finish it, leaving us all standing. As usual.

Some days it is good to be a man - would you argue with this, cowardly enough, statement?

Apartheid couscous business is brisk at Trader Joe's, good.

But Don't Tell Greenland There's No Global Warming. Or else...

On fear and loathing - in London.

People don't argue that the burqa is a sign of subservience, however there is an uncertainty about the state enforcing its removal.

Stupid UKIP, stop picking on Churchill. Right.

Now imagine this with your breakfast. And relax...

After all, whose fault is this (no matter what "this" is)? Of course, its Mr B....

Loungin’ on Dad’s Day - any Dad's preference, I bet.

What Does It Take For A Creationist To Accept Evolution? A kick in the pants?

The nature of the Internet? I thought these two words are mutually exclusive.

Wow, that was... how to say it... well, far out. However, no censorship in this here HH. And somebody else is dejected.

Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Censorship of Kiddies - inspired by another blogger.


That F-word, I mean Florida - would you volunteer to go there for a month to take care of your three grandchildren, as obnoxious, no doubt, as they are dear? Yes, I am afraid you would. The other upside is you can spoil them even more rotten to spite your son/daughter...

Relay Race Trials? In the midst of Jerusalem? No kidding.

I am sure that this time your answer will be unanimous: would you eat something that was baying while alive? Not to mention the location:

(I had to copy this one, it's simply irresistible).

Ahmed & Salim - they sure rock!

Guess who is really hurting? Them Egyptians, it appears.

Some people (like me) would say "Aw, nuts", looking at this as a proposition for a breakfast.

Is this character becoming a commie? Well, no... but some vodka will do him no end of good.

An Open Letter to the Jewish Press - would you sign it? Yes, it is a test.

A revenge-vowing meeting of school youth and children - guess where it was held? Pure bliss...

Heshy is coming! Gevalt! And he is as cool as cool can be.

Yael is happy for now. But soon her felines will chew through the cables, and then...

Speaking about Iran - how many teeth are allowed by the Health Ministry?

When a kiss is a bit more than just a kiss.

"I can't believe I ate (almost) the whole thing!" I wish I had me a dollar (well, make it shekel) for every time I have done the same...

Kids. He he he.

And even more fun: Chelm-on-the-Med - it rocks!


Well, not exactly, I just wanted to set this in a separate section. You shall know why after reading.

Meta HH

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And another one: I have "invited" several non-Jewish bloggers in this one.

Now to the future:
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Bye for now. I mean - Lehitraot.