15 June 2009

That Netanyahu's speech

No, I haven't bothered to see it all, the transcript has done quite well for me. Anyway, it was good to sleep on it before venturing forth with an opinion, which will be argued against no matter what I say. So, first of all, a small collection of responses. To start with, a statement of the obvious (Haaretz):

Netanyahu backs demilitarized Palestinian state

Now to one extreme (Hamas):

Hamas: Netanyahu speech 'racist' bid to deny Palestinian rights

And to the other (Akiva Eldar, Haaretz):

Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a patriarchal, colonialist address in the best neoconservative tradition...

Let's not forget the third (yes, it is so, believe it or not) extreme end of the stick:

MK Aryeh Eldad (NU) said that “by using the term ‘demilitarized Palestinian state’ Netanyahu is attempting to eat a kosher-slaughtered pig.

How about the bride (I mean the Palestinian Authority):

PA: Speech dealt deadly blow to peace process

Now to the one for whom Bibi toils:

Obama: Netanyahu's speech 'an important step forward'

OK, so what about some highbrow analysis? Here it comes:

Netanyahu speech aimed solely for Obama's ears

(Does Haaretz lately take the cake for stating the obvious or does it take that cake?)

Now, the list will be incomplete without Ami Isseroff:

What Benjamin Netanyahu did not say could fill a book. ... The purpose of this speech was to give Barack Obama one of the concessions he demanded: Israeli support for a Palestinian state. Mission accomplished.

So what about me (I am sure that by now you are pining for my own opinion, dontcha?):

Yesterday one of the TV gurus said that Bibi called Joe Biden an hour before giving the speech, allegedly to update the administration on the contents. Tell you what: it's an obvious crapola. Bibi urgently needed Biden's advice on matching his tie to the background. It looks like (being men) they went for the obvious and simple solution. Whatever works... anyway, this is my opinion on the whole shebang. As I am quite sure, Middle East isn't going to change overnight, nor is Bibi.

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