08 June 2009

One edition and two bloopers

From yesterday's Guardian site for your brief enjoyment:

Find the item that doesn't belong in the above snapshot (hint - it's not Putin).

Explain, please, how the two statements above (one on the red background and the other on the gray) aren't mutually contradictory?

Hint: try to disregard the happy eyes of that guy who, most probably, got to the age where Hamas allows him to embrace a sheep*. Also - ignore the fact that the text on the red background is proudly displayed by Guardian every week or so for the last ten years.

(*) Update: I got a few remarks re the animal embraced by that guy. Some people, more proficient in the subject than I, claim it to be a goat rather than a sheep. Oh well, I personally prefer the latter, esp. in the form of chops, saddle or kebab. Apologies if someone was misled by my mistake.