05 June 2009

Air France A330-200: Ultra-modern and extremely safe

This, at least, what the CNN headline says.

The word "extremely" appears another four times in a relatively short article:

...A330-200 is extremely well-regarded as a medium to long-range airliner.

However, Daly said that it would take extremely violent weather conditions to cause the catastrophic failure of an aircraft of this size.

"These planes are extremely robust and widely used on transatlantic routes and across Asia," he said.

...it must have been something extremely sudden to cause the loss of contact.
There is a question I haven't seen raised so far: how did an ultra-modern commercial plane full of up-to-date electronic gear fly into a violent storm - if this is what caused the tragedy?

And could it be that the airline industry, in its relentless cost cutting drive is ready to push the envelope a bit where bad weather is weighed against fuel economy? Not that this is necessarily what happened to the ill-fated flight, just asking.

Extremely interesting.