25 June 2009

CNN - how about some yellow journalism?

When my grandchild (and I don't even have one for now) comes by to talk with his/her old and feeble granddad about the right choice of profession, I shall use this article from CNN titled Did Steve Jobs' money buy him a faster liver transplant? by a person named Ray Hainer as a teaching aid.

"Kid", I shall say, "whatever you decided to do, never ever even think of becoming a journalist of a kind that writes venomous, shitty articles like this one. Never ever write anything bad about a person when you don't have a smidgen of proof to support you dirty allegations. Better change your profession and go into plumbing - the subject matter will be natural and much less revolting. Or your granddad will come and twist your scrawny neck, and this is a promise."

And re Mr Hainer: seeing as how he likes to ask questions, I have a few too:

Is Mr Hainer a backstabbing, kneebiting moron or is Mr Hainer a backstabbing, kneebiting moron? How does CNN justify publishing of this poisoned excrescence? Shouldn't such article be placed in a more yellow tabloid - where it belongs?

P.S. And no - I do not own Apple's stock and even an iPod or iPhone, nor do I consider owning any.