24 July 2014

Watcher’s Council Nominations – Standing With Israel Edition

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David All said...

A couple of these posts are absolutely weird; not yours Snoopy, the post about Paris is very good.

First, there is the Independent Sentinel with what he says is a video of border patrol agents chasing supposed illegal Muslim immigrants!
Really how stupid can you be?! If any Muslims, terrorists or otherwise want to enter this country, it will be easy enough to do so legally, especially since Bush Jr. ("Islam is a religion of peace") said that he wanted more Middle East Muslims, including Saudis to visit our country. Look at all the Muslim terrorists from 9/11 onwards, they are far too well off to have to sneak over the border like a bunch of poor Latins!

Second, there is VA Right's screech that illegal immigrants are (gasp) Socialists! Yes they came all this way, through all the dangers to live on American welfare! What utter nonsense, they came here to work hard and long doing plenty of nasty jobs that native born Americans no longer want to do, so they and their children can have better lives.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Can't vouch for/against any of the mentioned, DAvid, but they all are open to criticism. As I am (well, up to a point).