20 July 2014

Israel draws military volunteers from the UK

Says Muhammed Jamil, Director of Arab Organization for Human Rights (for some reason that sounds as an oxymoron, but I'll let it be for now).
Over 100 British teens have been signed up to fight “shoulder to shoulder” with Israeli forces in brutal attacks on the Gaza Strip, a human rights group warns.

The recruitment of dozens of British citizens to join the ranks of the Israeli military behind the onslaught in Gaza has sparked anger.

The Israeli military has confirmed the presence of over 100 British “lone soldiers” serving 18-month tours of duty in its ranks.
Oh boy, oh boy... I can see where these 100 boys will be a real bother for British MI5 in 18 month, when they are back home, all equipped with explosive belts and raring to have a go at the infidels and the 72... oops, wrong religion...