24 July 2014

A clarification of Khaled Mashal's rejection of ceasefire

Khaled Mashal, the underassassinated Hamas mouthpiece that resides in a plushy residence in Qatar, continues to play with lives of his brethren. Which is not unexpected.

There remains one unclear point in his rhetoric:

"No one will break the resistance with Allah's help. Under the table they talk about disarming the resistance of its weapons. No one can disarm the resistance with Allah's help."
I am not at all sure that the IDF general staff (or government for that matter) appealed or intends to appeal at any point in time for Allah's help. Just wondering.

Oh, and one other point:
“Our victims are civilians and theirs are soldiers,” he charged. “We are the victims, despite our steadfastness.”
Sure, sure.


Arshin Carnifex said...

Hamas is an internationally condemned terrorist group who's members utilize child soldiers on a regular basis, danced in the streets on 9/11 and have promised to dance in the streets again when they've left Israel a smoking, depopulated ruin.

Frankly? Cry me a friggin' river. Tell every Palestinian who didn't vote for them to move their asses out of the combat area and let the rest, the supermajority of Palestine, suffer the consequences of their choices. You want war? You shall receive war. You want a peaceful track towards your own state? You shall receive it. You cannot have both.

If Hamas said they would lay down their arms tomorrow, there would be no more war. If Israel said it would lay down it's arms tomorrow, there would be no more ISRAEL.

You cannot negotiate with people who crave nothing but your annihilation. Nor is it fair for anybody else to expect you to.

Arshin Carnifex said...

And frankly, this talk of "proportional loss" reminds me of the Black radicals here in the US who say things like "White people should simply accept that getting mugged or having their cars stolen is a part of the natural system of income redistribution. We get to do it to you, you don't get to do it to us."

I say the same thing to you that I say to them: when you establish that the aggression of one force against civilians is more acceptable than the aggression of another force against civilians, you cheapen human life to a sickening degree.

SnoopyTheGoon said...


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yes, "simply accept" is part and parcel of what the "progressive" thinkers of this world trying to persuade us to do.

Guy said...

Obviously the issue of proportionality is bogus. After all, if the rockets the Iron Dome system destroyed did not do so, and the rockets landed on their targets, what would Israeli causality numbers be?

Israel is responding to what Hamas is attempting to do. And since Hamas is attempting to destroy Israel, Israel response is very measured.

There are nation conflicts where it is not the goal of the adversary to
destroy its rival. Then goals are more localized and narrowly drawn.

As a enemy Hamas would destroy Israel if they could. That they cannot is irrelevant. That they would means they at least have to be deprived of the means to do so.

Dick Stanley said...

Former NYC Mayor Bloomberg had a quick analogy: homicidal maniac pounding on your apartment door yelling he will murder you. Should the police send just one officer in your defense?

That would be proportional, after all. Of course it would be best if you were armed to begin with, something that's illegal for most in NYC.

Dick Stanley said...

OT, Happy to see the FAA last night rescinded its flight ban into and out of Ben Gurion. Looks to me like Texas Sen. Ted Cruz had something to do with it.

Dick Stanley said...

Interesting accent. Part Australian, part German? She really needs to move. Upper Galilee would be good.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

"There are nation conflicts where it is not the goal of the adversary to destroy its rival. Then goals are more localized and narrowly drawn."

I only wish we had us something mundane and boring like this...

SnoopyTheGoon said...

You forgot to add that the cop should be armed exactly as that maniac ;-)

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I start to like a pol - what is wrong with me?

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Upper Glilee would be good, unless Hizballah decide differently.