15 July 2014

The first Israeli killed in Operation Protective Edge

The dry wording of the newspaper:

An Israeli man succumbed to his wounds after being hit by mortar fire from Gaza near the Erez border crossing. The incident marks the first Israeli death since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge.
And some additional information from the radio: The man (name still withheld, till the family is notified) was a volunteer who visited our soldiers at the crossing to bring some home-cooked food, as a welcome respite from the field rations.

Erez border crossing serves mostly as a pedestrian crossing point, less for transfer of goods and materials to the Gaza Strip. It is important also as the main point for the sick and wounded from Gaza who are coming to Israel for treatment.

Should the crossing be closed by Israel in the circumstances?

You tell me.


David Sigeti said...

Snoopy, I am confused as I thought that Erez is the main crossing for goods as well. Since you say that it is not, what is the name of the crossing that is?

SnoopyTheGoon said...

As far as I know, and I could easily be mistaken, it is Keren Shalom, Sufa and two others, you can look them up here:


Dick Stanley said...

It is a little weird, taking the casualties in, especially when some of them could very well be wounded combatants. But Jerusalem is already providing water and electricity and jeopardizing pilot lives by warning people in the target area when to leave. So, in the infamous words of our next president: "What difference does it make?"

David Sigeti said...

Thanks, Snoopy.

Pisa said...

"Should the crossing be closed by Israel in the circumstances? "
Of course not. Our respose should be totally proportionate. Mortar fire on those who approach the crossing from Gaza.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Er... works for me.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

There was that story with a Gazan lady who was taken to Beer-Sheva hospital, smuggling a considerable amout of explosives to blow up some of the hospital. Thankfully prevented.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

You are welcome, David.