13 July 2014

BBC finally gets it... back

After a deserved compliment colleague Pisa made regarding BBC's article on some fake visual props used by Palywood, BBC management caught up with itself and decided that too much unadorned truth may be harmful to their readers and/or watchers.

And who but Jeremy Bowen to get BBC into its usual mode? Thankfully, I don't have to get into details, Lyn Julius,aka bataween of Point of No Return, has done an excellent job here:

My complaint to the BBC:

I am fuming at Jeremy Bowen's report: parrotting Palestinian casualty figures, he fails to specify that Israel warns Gaza civilians to evacuate before they hit targets but Hamas uses them as human shields. No mention that today Hamas threatened a huge barrage of rockets aimed indiscriminately at Israeli population centres. It is not for Bowen to say "Israel has some serious questions to answer" - and Hamas committing war crimes has not? Meanwhile the BBC continuously minimises rocket threat to Israel - these N Korean and Iranian long-range missiles have a payload of 80 kg and were they not intercepted can destroy a house. What Israel is suffering is equivalent to the wartime Blitz. BBC in violation of impartiality guidelines. Bowen has a personal grudge against Israel and should not be reporting on this war.
A single point I would add to that is that the bad smell of BBC's kind of  "impartiality" and the patronizing tone of the whole article (the first link), pushing moral equivalence between the two sides, is too strong.

But then, here comes Jeremy Bowen:

I don't know why is that: doesn't he look sleazy instead of heroic in this picture to you too?