15 July 2014

The Guardian: hilarious and oh so sad

The honors (honours in this case) go to David Toube who got onto this one:

Ceasefire collapses as Israel responds to Gaza rocket fire – live updates

I've kept to the original font, so you could feel how momentous is this act of treacherous Israeli response to Hamas ceasefiring...

And, to keep it for posterity, just in case someone in the Guardian wakes up to own endless stupidity:

Update: it was even better, much better that the above, latest version. To start with, it was:

Gaza ceasefire collapses as Israel army resumes attack.

Here is the source:

To avoid the inevitable deletion:

Journalistic integrity in action? Or: why don't these little roaches crawl into their comfy little holes and... WTF...


David Sigeti said...

Thanks for preserving this for posterity. The headline is for the Guardian's live blog so, not surprisingly, it is now different.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I wouldn't nitpick too much, but notice that the two headlines describe the same event... so the change is hardly warranted.

Dick Stanley said...

Hey, is that Flat Fatima in the photo? Sure looks sort of like her. Maybe she's been updated?