15 July 2014

Ceasefire (so called), electricity issues and a disarray on the left: woe to Zehava Gal-On

As you have, probably, already heard from the media, we have a ceasefire today, since 9:00 (or 9:00 AM for fellow Americans). The ceasefire agreement was blessed by Peres and Blair, however the news, apparently, haven't reached the Hamas and Jihad chiefs' bunkers deep under the Gaza City.

So the strife continues and more people will die, mostly in the Gaza strip, as usual, to satisfy Hamas propaganda masters' thirst for own blood on the pavement. Yours truly has already been disturbed four times today by the sirens, one of those on the road from ... to ... Drive faster, says the right foot, while the authorities say stop and lie down on the roadside. What can I say without making the highway police interested? Well, anyhow, the right foot wins that fight.

Just as an aside:

A rocket fired from Gaza damaged power lines in Israel that resulted in the loss of power to 70,000 Palestinians in the coastal strip.
So another Hasbara victory for Hamas: soon you all shall hear the "Zionists apply collective punishment to helpless and innocent people of Gaza"...

Well, now to the main course of today's menu, as heard on the Army Radio.

MK Zehava Gal-On
The chair of the hard left Meretz party, Zehava Gal-On falls prey to merciless grilling by the Army Radio superb host, Razi Barkai, being questioned mainly on the Meretz' members response to the possibility of truce with Gaza. It appears, embarrassingly for Ms Gal-On, that most of he Meretz peace-loving members that reside in the south of the country - the area most vulnerable to the rocket barrages, are against the cease-fire of any kind, till a total and absolute cessation of rocket and mortar barrages is achieved. Statements of the kind "We are tired of being hostages of Hamas for the last 14 years" and similar sentiments are being bandied freely, party discipline or no party discipline.

Being usually sharp of tongue, Ms Gal-On was truly and totally stumped by the subject, not having anything to respond with. Most discombobulating, I have to add.

And thus the chasm between the best intentions and the stark reality swallows the most high-flying doves of our times.

Sad, really.