04 May 2014

What Femen say: Yanukovich, piss off!

From the site of the indomitable Femen.org:

Sextremists of FEMEN poured out their anger at dictatorship near the Ukraine embassy in Paris.

Five activists publicly pissed on the ugly face of Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich.

With such a humanistic act, FEMEN calls on the whole world to piss on Yanukovich's opinions and pronouncements and to flood him out of the political world with protests. This special protest was an example of the moral and physical violence of his nation. FEMEN suggests bringing about a new Ukraine in a natural way, by pissing out the shitty president and his regime.

Yanukovich, piss off!

Femen activists in the middle of flooding out Yanukovich

Bravo, Femen! And piss off, Yanukovich, you robber, thief and liar indeed.


Bob-B said...

Norm was not quite right about Milne. It's not anti-democratic organizations, dictators and tyrannical regimes in general that Milne likes but anti-Western anti-democratic organizations, dictators and tyrannical regimes, Milne is a man of principle, and the principle is that the West is bad and anyone who opposes the West is good. His loathing of the West is such that one wonders how he can bear to live and work within it. Surely he would be much happier somewhere like Russia or China or Iran or Venzuela. Or maybe the West is not quite as bad as he suggests.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Well, not to pick nits, but sooner or later most (not all by all means) anti-democratic organizations, dictators and tyrannical regimes appear to be anti-Western, so Milne's principle works for most.

As for a possible best geographic location for St. Seumas - I would say an apprenticeship to Kim Jong Un for a few years might do him a lot of good.

kcmeesha said...

kidnapper should've heard my rendition of All the single ladies.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

OK, I can guess, just don't do it to me, please ;-)