13 May 2014

P is for Putin?

Free education in Russia comes actually at a price. Complete with a brand new alphabet:

The alphabet, unveiled to students at School Number 11 in Irkutsk region, is the brainchild of a new all-Russian youth project called Set' (Network). It is named the 'polite alphabet' in honour of the so-called 'polite' forces deployed in Crimea.

A - Antimaidan (Maidan is the name of the central square in Kiev where the ukrainian revolution began)

Д (D) - Donetsk

П (P) - Putin (yes, Putin, like, the president of Russia)

 Ы (Y) - Krym / Crimea

The russians love their children too?

In other - apparently unrelated - news, the russian vice PM Dmitri Rogozin has been spotted speaking at a rally of the ultra-nationalist, fascist party Russian National Unity.  Interesting flag, albeit a bit retro:

 Add to the mix some disturbing news about the alliance between Putin's Kremlin and the european far-right, plus the Anschluss in Crimea, throw in the cynical use of the traditional local antisemitism, and there you are, back to the darkest hours of the past century. The unholy trinity of brainwashing the young and vulnerable, allying oneself with fascists for the greater good of the empire, xenophobia and antisemitism, is once again roaming Europe.

Quo vadis, russian bear?